Deloitte report outlines top 10 issues facing mining companies

Deloitte publishes main issues and advice to mining companies, which can be summarised as: Cutback, Innovate, Adjust to Markets, Engage with stakeholders, Take whatever money you can get in whatever way it is offered, Spend some money with an accountant sorting out your tax, Buy at the bottom not the top, don’t divest at the bottom (Slap on the wrist BHP, Rio etc.) and spend some more money on Health and Safety.

A sterling effort there from Deloitte and sensible advice, but hardly groundbreaking.  This should be in every CEO’s user manual on how to run a company. However in the good times it is forgotten about and in the bad times it is too late and the first point tends to override all else.

Financial markets and fund managers have to shoulder much of the blame with the CEO’s and boards of companies, for pushing unrealistic expectations of returns and endorsing bad corporate decisions, particularly overpriced and over-hyped mergers.

Source: Deloitte report outlines top 10 issues facing mining companies in 2016 | Deloitte | Press Release